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Managed Website Hosting

What you should know before choosing a web host provider

Pay close attention when choosing a hosting service, as quotes are often confusing, pitched to sell, and lack detail, particularly to the level and cost of support you receive.

Most low-cost hosting fees only provide support for the server connection, not your actual website.

Support for your website is not covered by low cost hosting services, their responsibility relates only to hosting your website on their server

Website issues, such as exporting and importing files, loading images, fixing corrupted files, management of products, coding problems, creation of new pages, page layout issues, payment gateway issues, and installation of third-party software are not covered in low cost hosting fees. The very issues that cause websites to go down, slow down, and become outdated.

When you need website support your hosting provider won’t help, or they charge up to $140,00 per hour.

SiteDesignNOW  “Fully Managed Hosting Fee”, includes server hosting, PLUS full website support. If you have a problem with any aspect of your website, your emails, databases, etc, we fix it at no cost.

PLUS, you get a FREE website upgrade every twelve months!

Your website will never be out of date again.

For a few extra dollars per month, you get high-level tech support and peace of mind,
knowing your website is always up to date and working for you.

Our monthly hosting fee is an all-inclusive service, not just hosting your domain, we provide full support for your website and email services.

Our managed hosting ensures the integrity of your website and provides a platform for your website that is secure, fast, and reliable.

Your website will be hosted on high-performance servers based in a dedicated Tier-4 Disaster Recovery Datacentre in Brisbane CBD.

Your data is backed up every four hours, plus a daily third backup to a separate server in a datacentre located in an outer Brisbane suburb.

With our low monthly fee, you pay nothing for on-going support! Overall you will save money using our managed hosting and have a lot less worries.

You deal directly with us, not a call centre, ensuring fast, personalised response.

Your website is the core of your online business and quality hosting can make a big difference to your customer response rates for less than the monthly cost of a small classified-ad in your local paper.

Unless you have well developed computer and technology skills you will need ongoing support for your website.

The difference between cheap-hosting and all-inclusive-managed hosting is only a few dollars a month. Compare it to having a good landlord and a bad one.

Call us now and discuss your needs for quality website hosting and support.

Benefits of website development with us

Website Design

Mobile friendly website development at reasonable cost, customised systems to increase revenue and save time.

  • A unique design with style and font
  • 100% optimised mobile friendly
  • 100% SEO optimised for google
  • Domain and mail service management
  • Fast speed with secured server
  • Premium Backup Service, with three levels of backup – your data is protected and safe.
  • Extensive management and fast dedicated technical support

eCommerce Online Shopping websites

Mobile ready eCommerce shop, designed to convert shoppers to buyers!

  • Integrated stock list with spreadsheet or POS system
  • Multi-level buyer, with personalised pricing and discount levels
  • Integrated API’s, e.g. supplier feeds and shipping calculators
  • Discount/Promotion Options, including volume based, time-limited offers, and customised shipping offers
  • Loyalty Programs, and Gift Certificate management, with tracking
  • Secure Payment Gateway integration

Professional and Enterprise Websites

Increase enquires and website response with project galleries, testimonials, booking system, newsletters, and auto-responders

  • Web Application Development with customised systems
  • Picture galleries, feedback and auto-updated testimonial pages
  • API integration
  • POS integration
  • Event Management and Reservation System
  • Booking System
  • Newsletters system, with client database
  • Customised auto-responders

Trades and Small Business websites

Marketing oriented website to attract local enquiries and leads, and needs to be mobile friendly to keep your phone ringing

  • SEO optimisation for google local search (e.g. Google My Business, Google Map)
  • Gallery to showcase your services
  • Customised online enquiry and quote forms
  • Keyword-rich content to boost organic search engine ranking
  • Tracking and reporting website traffic with weekly or monthly consultation

Software & Web Application Development

Develop applications for Native web, iOS, Android and Windows to help you reduce business costs, increase flexibility and gain a competitive advantage

  • Data Recording and Tracking systems
  • Point of Sale (POS) and API data feeds
  • RTO integrate Booking System for registered training organisations
  • Online Booking System for events, expos, and performing arts

Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including landing pages, page titles, and keyword rich content

  • Google Ads – Campaign management, for optimised keywords, high quality page scores, and reduced cost per click
  • Google My Business and Google+ for local business, where-ever your business is located in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin)
  • Google Analytics – full tracking and reporting of website traffic and visitor activities


Fast support and advice on all internet and website services, including technical support, email accounts, hosting, domain name management, site administraton, and online-marketing.

Call Now Technology Systems to discuss your project, or to arrange a no-obligation quote.

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