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Website Management Hosting

Pay close attention when choosing a hosting service, as quotes are often confusing, pitched to sell, and lack detail, particularly in respect to the level and cost of support you receive for your website.

Most low-cost hosting fees only provide support for the server connection, not your actual website, and most of your problems will be website problems, not hosting or server issues.

So when you really need help and support they are not going to help you, or they will charge up to $120.00 per hour for their service.

For a few extra dollars per month, you get high-level tech support and peace of mind, knowing your website is always up to date and working for you.

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Premium, Managed Website Hosting Plan from $59.50 per month

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to NOW Technology Systems “Managed Hosting Service”:


  • You website is hosted on our servers in NEXT-1 Brisbane, a top tier, designated disaster-recovery-centre.
  • If you have an eCommerce Website, we provide CDN, a third party caching service that caches your heavy website content at critical locations around the world to speed up critical loading times.
  • We quickly respond to server connection problems that arise, including security issues, speed problems, and backup issues.
  • We limit the number of clients on any one server to less than 65% of capacity to maintain fast response and reduce chances of domain name blacklisting (we know each of our clients, so your website is always in good company).


  • You get unlimited support for your website to keep your business up and running online – if there is a problem we fix it, no charge.
  • You pay nothing for ongoing support and training, including uploading images, adding pages, uploading /deleting products, etc. Just call us and we provide free online help by phone, email, and/or TeamViewer.
  • ****Plus you get one free hour per month to give us a list of tasks to do, and we do them for you. For example you may want to run a special, place an announcement on your website, or update products and images.
  • ****Plus you get a free website upgrade every 12 months, including updates to the latest technology. This gives you an opportunity to bring your website up to date, and add extra appeal, feel and look to your website.

You’re never alone when you have NTS managed hosting!

Simply call 0412-606-287, or email and your problems or queries are resolved, at no cost.

Others charge up to $140.00 per hour.

And you get a free website upgrade every year!

Our monthly hosting fee is an all-inclusive service, not just hosting your domain, we provide full support for your website and email services.

Our managed hosting ensures the integrity of your website and provides a platform for your website that is secure, fast, and reliable.

Your website will be hosted on high-performance servers based in a dedicated Tier-4 Disaster Recovery Datacentre in Brisbane CBD.

Your data is backed up every four hours, plus a daily third backup to a separate server in a datacentre located in an outer Brisbane suburb.

Website Management Hosting

With our low monthly fee, you pay nothing for on-going support! Overall you will save money using our managed hosting and have a lot less worries.

You deal directly with us, not a call centre, ensuring fast, personalised response.

Your website is the core of your online business and quality hosting can make a big difference to your customer response rates for less than the monthly cost of a small classified-ad in your local paper.

Unless you have well developed computer and technology skills you will need ongoing support for your website.

The difference between cheap-hosting and all-inclusive-managed hosting is only a few dollars a month. Compare it to having a good landlord and a bad one.

Call us now and discuss your needs for quality website hosting and support.

Website Management Hosting


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